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Press Release

Asia's leading industry event


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    This year’s fair is expected to cover over 25,000 sqm of floor space. With booth sales now open, key industry players from China and overseas are looking forward to connecting and sharing innovations at TXCA & CLE 2024. Several highlighted exhibitors, including CLM, Eliza, Haier, Jensen, Oasis, Kannegisser, Sankosha, Sea-Lion, Unisec, Weishi and more, have already confirmed their participation.





Leasing Laundry - The Best Win-win Model for Supply and Demand


Demand Wins:

(hotels, hospitals, catering, railways, aviation, government agencies, enterprises and institutions, etc)



Cost Efficiency: From purchasing to leasing of linen/uniforms, investment and operating costs can be greatly saved.


Labor Efficiency: No pressure of inventory management, free and flexible deployment.


Worry Efficiency: High-quality linen/uniforms and professional laundry services in accordance with customized requirements.


Benefit Efficiency: Benefit can be increased by standardization.


Green Efficiency: Energy-saving with less pollutant emissions, a great sense of social responsibility.


Hygiene Efficiency: High-standard laundry management ensures high-quality of hygiene & safety, and customer satisfaction.



Supply Wins:

(laundry enterprises, linen/uniform manufacturers, technology/equipment/chemical material/software system suppliers, etc)


Market: Leasing laundry earns huge market potentials in China


Efficiency: IoT technology and digital management helps leasing laundry to achieve convenience, efficiency, energy saving and consumption-reduction.


Standardization: Large-scale and intensive leasing laundry model is conducive to social problems in the laundry industry.


Environmental-friendly: Leasing laundry aims to extend the service life of linen/uniforms, and improve resource utilization.


Development: Linen standards will be issued by related governments and associations, which bring rapid development of leasing laundry.



202205062122312873.png  202205062122434257.png


202205062123158140.png     202205062123286453.png

202205062123398673.png      202205062123485778.png



Excellent Suppliers in Leasing Laundry Circle:


► Linen leasing laundry service provider

► Uniform leasing laundry service provider

► Linen producer

► Uniform supplier

► RFID technology and application solution provider

► Washing plant automation management system provider

► Smart IoT washing service platform provider

► Supplier of washing equipment/chemical materials/accessories/consumables

► Supplier of rental laundry related products


Wise Buyers in Leasing Laundry Circle:


► Hotels, guesthouses, homestays, clubhouses, bathing centers, hot spring resorts

►Hospitals, health centers, maternal and child health care centers, sanatoriums, nursing homes

► Caterings

► Railway bureaus, airlines, troops, government departments, institutions, schools

► State-owned enterprises, foreign-funded enterprises, and private enterprises that have higher requirements for uniforms

► Pharmaceutical enterprises, food processing plants, electronics manufacturing enterprises, petroleum/chemical/natural gas companies, machinery manufacturing enterprises, engineering companies, etc. that have special requirements for workwear (such as: dust-free clothing, anti-static clothing, flame retardant clothing, etc.).



The Must-Attend Industry Gathering!


Smart Leasing Laundry Forum

Leading elites in various fields will be invited for speeches, including: The Transformation and Development of Laundry Industry under the Sharing Economy; The Inevitability of Hotel Linen Leasing Laundry; Pain Point of  Medical Laundry Industry & Selling Point of Leasing Laundry; Status and Development Prospects of Uniform Leasing Laundry Industry; Successful Reference of RFID loT Technology, etc.



Innovation Development Conference

The conference includes new technology roadshows, roundtable seminars, which bridges excellent platform of communication and showcase for manufacturers, R&D experts, end-users of leading technology and products. It focuses on the latest technologies and practice in the laundry and dyeing sector, and offers dynamics for the growth of the industry.



Remarks: The event agenda is only subject to on-site announcement.