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Press Release

Asia's leading industry event


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  • Leasing Laundry Circle: Special Exhibition for Shared Linens & Leasing Uniforms——Smarter Laundry, Cleaner Horizon

    Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center, September 28th ~30th, 2022

  • Steady exhibitor registration for TXCA & CLE provides encouraging news for the textile care industry

    With China’s economic recovery continuing to gain momentum, expectations for this year’s Texcare Asia & China Laundry Expo (TXCA & CLE) are gradually improving. With four months remaining before the fair opens its doors, 75% of booth space has already sold out, with more than 130 exhibitors confirming their participation. Taking place from 27 – 29 September at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre, the fair is expected to attract 250 exhibitors and an estimated 20,000 visitors across 25,000 sqm of floor space. The proportion of foreign exhibitors represented through their local Chinese representatives is also encouraging, with brands from Germany, Japan, Korea, Spain, the UK and the USA confirming their participation.

  • Final report: TXCA & CLE 2020 supports industry recovery and highlights market opportunities

    Texcare Asia and China Laundry Expo 2020 (TXCA & CLE), the dedicated trade fair for textile laundry, leather care, cleaning technology and equipment gathered a total of 14,413 visitors and 122 exhibitors. Being the only large scale exhibition in the global textile care industry in 2020, the fair successfully closed its doors on 16th October at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre. Despite the uncertainties that the global textile care industry has faced in 2020, many participants reported an optimistic outlook in the Chinese market, particularly in light of emerging opportunities in fields such as medical laundry and automation. Helping participants to capture these opportunities, the three-day fair presented the latest technologies and products from the textile care industry and offered an effective business development platform.

  • TXCA & CLE 2020 opens on 14 October to stimulate business in the textile care industry

    The 2020 edition of Texcare Asia and China Laundry Expo (TXCA & CLE), the dedicated trade fair for textile laundry, leather care, cleaning technology and equipment organised by the China Laundry Association, the China Light Industry Machinery Association, Unifair Exhibition Service Co Ltd and Messe Frankfurt (Shanghai) Co Ltd, will take place between 14 – 16 October 2020 at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre. Following a challenging period, the fair will stimulate market recovery, create new business opportunities and boost market confidence through its platform and activities.


Luxury Care, Market Demands


China's luxury consumption grows beyond the trend

In 2020, the global luxury market shrank by 23% due to the impact of pandemic, but luxury consumption in China grew beyond the trend by 48% to 346 billion yuan. In 2021, it continued to maintain strong growth, increasing by 36% year-on-year to 471 billion yuan. By 2025, China is expected to become the world's largest luxury market.

Chinese vintage culture becomes a boom

In recent years, the domestic vintage trend has become more and more popular, with the market expanding day by day and vintage shops of different styles blossoming everywhere. Wearing second-hand shirts and using vintage bags have become a fashionable and environmentally friendly life style. The reason why the Chinese vintage bag has become a boom does not only lie in the attractive price, but also in the fact that many classic designs are out-of-print and could only be available in the vintage market.

202203291810533235.png  202203291809343412.png  202203291809353654.jpg

Luxury Care Expo, Discover Laundry Innovations

Product collection

Daily chemical products such as laundry detergent, care liquid, softener, stain remover for high-end clothing.

Luxury leather goods and footwear care agent, cleaning agent, softener, film forming agent, brightener, feel agent, repair paste, shoe polish and other daily chemical products.

Technology collection

Dry cleaning, washing, wet washing, steam washing, air washing and other washing technologies for high-end clothing.

Middle and high end leather goods (leather bags, leather clothes, leather sofas, car chairs and interiors, etc.) and footwear cleaning, maintenance, renovation, repair, color repair, color change, model change and other technologies.

Equipment collection

High-end laundry washing machine/ washing and drying machine, ironing equipment, intelligent laundry care machine, etc.

Leather goods and footwear care equipment and tools.

Service collection

High-end laundry washing chain franchise, technical training.

Leather goods and footwear care chain franchise, technical training.

Luxury identification and training.

202203291819006056.jpg 202203291820074830.jpg

202203291821214879.jpg 202203291820077645.jpg

Luxury Care Expo, Meet Your Target Clients

High-end clothing laundry and care shop

Luxury goods (bags, shoes, leather clothes, sofas, accessories, etc.) care shop

Luxury brands' product maintenance departments or customer service centers

Physical vintage shops, second-hand luxury recycling organizations, e-commerce platforms

Luxury car 4S shop, luxury car club

Venture capitalists, angel investors

Luxury care product distribution agent / import and export trader

Units and individuals with luxury laundry needs


Highlighted Concurrent Activities

Luxury Care Industry Summit

Heavyweight guests invited to give speeches and have dialogues, share and exchange with industry colleagues the market status, dynamics, trends and prospects of luxury care industry, and how to develop innovative thinking, seize opportunities and respond to challenges in the context of epidemic normality.


Chinese Vintage Identification and Care Competition

Hold competitions for identification and washing care of high-end clothing, bags and other vintage luxury goods, to select and commend outstanding talents and teams, encouraging practitioners to improve working skills, and enhancing their occupational confidence and determination.



Note: The content of the event is subject to change without prior notice and shall be subject to on-site announcement.