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Professional for holding large exhibitions and conferences

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    China Light Industry Machinery Association (CLIMA), officially founded in 1989, is an entity approved by China National Light Industry Council and registered at Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People's Republic of China. It's the only national association in the industry of light machinery.

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China Laundry Association 

 Professional Committee of China General Chamber of Commerce dyeing (Short“Dyeing Professional Committee”) is by the SASAC and the Ministry of Commerce agreed that the approval by the State Ministry of Civil Affairs, China's dyeing industry's only national association of organizations. Service industries, contact the Government is the basic purpose of dyeing professional committees, in accordance with“Reform, joint, technology, service”The working principle, uphold and safeguard the legitimate interests of industry, to promote the industry to upgrade the overall level of work objectives and actively promote“Science and washing, green washing, sincere service”Concept development of the industry, promoting China's dyeing industry, healthy and orderly development of the professional work of the Commission goal of dyeing.

Dyeing professional committees to work around the following areas:

First, give full play to the role of a bridge and link. Businesses and practitioners to reflect the aspirations and demands, maintaining the lawful rights and interests of practitioners implementing the national service principles, policies and relevant laws and regulations;

Second is to promote industry self-regulation to safeguard the healthy development of the industry. According to industry development, the need to promote industry self-regulation to develop the industry line about guild regulations in order to establish industry self-regulation mechanisms, regulate the industry self-management behavior and promote fair competition companies and improve the overall quality of the industry, safeguarding rights and interests of industry as a whole; dyeing Professional Committee to undertake the "National Standardization Technical Committee dyeing”The Secretariat's work, to accept instructions from organizations in developing (Amendment) all kinds of national standards in the industry, such as technical standards, service quality standards, service fees, quality management standards and environmental standards for washing, etc.; 

Third, to carry out education and training, science and technology and information services. The dyeing industry, establish a national training system, to carry out dyeing industry, the basic theories, professional and technical, management, vocational qualifications such as training, to promote enterprise technological innovation, R & D capabilities, set up information exchange platform, to carry out a full range of services ;

Fourth, to promote domestic and foreign advanced technology and equipment. Holding a variety of technologies and related products, exhibitions, fairs, production journals, technical briefing and the organization of the situation in publishing and promoting websites for business development of new technologies, new results in the shortest possible time to translate into productivity;

Fifth, to promote trade exchanges and cooperation. To the principle of mutual benefit to promote cross- cutting economic ties, the coordination of communication and cooperation between associations to jointly promote the industry, technological advances and service levels; to provide enterprises with advisory services and related information; strengthen its cooperation with domestic and international trade organizations and institutions with the Inter-Organization The contacts and exchanges, to send training personnel to carry out exchanges and cooperation.

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